When All Else Fails, Trust Your Football Technique.

Football technique is the backbone of every players success, and when used correctly it will allow you to compete with, or have an advantage over players who may be bigger, stronger, or faster.

This is one of the very important mental elements of the game. That's right, this game isn't all about being athletic. While the ability to run fast, jump high, and react quickly are all important factors. The ability of the mind is even more important, and is an element that EVERY athlete possesses.

With that being said, this factor is often overlooked, and in many cases it is the difference between a good player, and a great one.

The techniques found here will consist of terminology, route concepts, offense and defense formations,blocking schemes, coverages, and direct drills.

But before moving forward, all defensive players should check out the "What All Defensive Players Should Know" link, while offensive players should check out the "What Offensive Players Should Know" link. Once there, players will find some basic tools that will sharpen their minds before diving into more detailed information.

Now let begin boosting your game!

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