Linebacker Techniques, Drills, and Concepts

Yes, it is very important to be aggressive at the linebacker position. But you wont be as effective simply running around and hitting everything that moves. Remember, football is all about making plays. As a football player, your thought before every play should be how YOU can make the play.

So as a linebacker, be aggressive, but not at times that you don't need to. Allow yourself to see the play develop, then react. But when you do react, bring the PAIN!

The following linebacker techniques and terms will help you read and react faster, giving you a better chance to make plays.

Linebacker Terminology

Tuff- Inside alignment by the LB on a T.E. (7 technique) and the Defensive End (DE) in a 9 technique.

Stem- A pre-snap shift of the defensive line and linebackers

Push- A coverage term telling a Linebacker to push over to the next receiver

Reset- MLB call that is re-setting the defense

Play It- Call made by the MLB to indicate that the defense will play the original call

Spill- Technique used to take on a block using the outside shoulder to force the football to bounce outside

Splatter- Technique used to take on a block by cutting the inside leg to force the football to bounce Outside

Hug Up- Man to Man coverage on a RB that blocks. Go get him. Do not hover

Box- Technique used to take on a block. Your nose to outside eye of blocker keeping your outside arm and leg free. Forcing the ball to go inside.

China- A combination route with 2 WR’s where #1 run some sort of hitch or stop route at 5 yards or under, and #2 runs a deep corner

Crack- A down block by a WR on an outside defender

Running Back Route Tree

Linebackers cover RB's very often. Below is a route tree for running backs. Familiarize yourself with these routes so when you do face a RB, you wont be caught of guard.